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Javaughn J. Porter-Wiki, Age, Blueface Son, Birthday, Parents, Siblings, Net Worth

javaughn j. porter is a very famous American citizen. His father’s name is rapper Blueface aka Jonathan Michael. Hai Blue Face is a music artist. He has been very famous for his artistic talents. who worked with various artists at a high level.

Their names are Scotch Storage and Limp etc. All that information is available here. What we need to know about Nathan Maaical’s son. Here I will provide you with all information about his son. When he was born. And what changes in his personal life and what he has done. has been spent etc.

Javaughn J. Porter Biography

Here on this topic, I will provide you with all the information. When was he born? What are his parents’ names? How many siblings is this? Many inches is he tall? Much does he weigh? What is his net worth? Firstborn He was born on April 28, 2017. The place where it was born is called the United States of America.

According to an estimate, it is said that his age will be four years by 2021. His mother’s name is Jane Lakes. And his father’s name is Nathan Mawical Porter. He is a US citizen. Therefore, his nationality is considered to be American. He belonged to the white race. It is said that his height is 40 inches. And it weighs 40 pounds. Its value is five thousand to ten thousand dollars. Nothing special is said about his siblings.

Javaughn J. Porter Age, Parents

javaughn j. porter was born in 2017 in Los Angeles, California, United States. He celebrates his birthday on the 28th of April every time and as of 2021, he’s 4- times old.

javaughn j. porter gatekeeper with mama Jaidyn Alexis. His mama’s name is Jaidyn Alexis he’s a beautiful skincare product line director his father’s name is Johnathan Michael Porter he works as a songster, rapper, and tunesmith. He made a special song named DReadlocks and also tattooed his son’s name on his right forearm when his son was born. His mama, Jaidyn Alexis, is a gorgeous skincare product line director, and his father, Johnathan Michael Porter, is a songster, rapper, and musician.

His mama’s name is Jaidyn Alexis, and his father’s name is Johnathan Michael Porter. When his sprat was born, he not only composed a unique song named “ Deadlocks ” but he also tattooed the name of his son on the inside of his right forearm.


If we talk about javaughn j. porter siblings, it is said. That Javan has no sister or brother. He is the only child of his parents. Which his parents loved a lot. However, it is said that his father had a beautiful sister. who was younger than his father. His father’s sister’s name was Kali Miller.

And his father has an older brother. His brother had killed a man accidentally. After this murder, his brother was sentenced to prison. He completed this sentence for almost 13 years. It is very sad that her father, the rapper, expelled her sister from his life in 2019. It is said that there is a part of Blue Fast, which appears to be a video clip. And that video is going viral.

It is said that many women kept coming to him to get different tattoos and to go home in many types of reality shows. All this news kept coming up in the media for many days.  Which promotes the beliefs here. And it is said about him that he did not do anything wrong but his work has been appreciated.

Net Worth

This is a small child so nothing has been told about his net worth. But his father’s net worth is estimated to be in 2021. That is ten thousand dollars. Yes, he used his father’s money to buy various coffees and food. So it was his father who deposited the money in his account to keep it as his pocket money. Therefore, he can buy different types of toys for himself whenever he wants with this money. He can buy whatever he wants with his passion.

How Many Children Does Blue Face Have?

Blueface babies are known to be very unique. And from time to time he is his son John G. Porter, who is called the Blue Face Kid. Javon is the first child with his wife. He treats his child with a lot of love and affection. Therefore, we can say that he is a responsible father and husband. He has also proved to be a very good husband to his wife.

When her son was born, she sang a song to the world for the birth of her son. Ha, Ga Na He sang very passionately in love with his son. Even his son’s name was written as a tattoo on his right arm. When his son was born, he loves his son the most. He used to prioritize his son’s love in every work he did.

Javaughn J. Porter: Who is Blueface’s son?

javaughn j. porter is an American rapper, professionally known as Blueface. He was born on January 20, 1997, in California. As of now, he’s 25 times old.

As a rapper, he does hipsterism hop, trap, and West Coast stripes of music and he’s credited with songs including outdoorsTatianana, daddy, one time, and mixtapes like FamouCryptyp which was released in 2018.


Blueface since his rise to fame has worked with musicians like Drake, Lil Uzi Vert, Lil Pump, Scott Storch, and others.

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He has a net worth estimated at 4 million bones.

Meet His Son On Instagram

Blueface’s son is too youthful to be on Instagram and other social spots. He’s seen on his father’s and mama’s Instagram account as they frequently post filmland with his son.

Blueface is active on Instagram under the username@bluefacerap, while his woman’s Instagram account is@jaidynalexxis. Both have participated in lots of filmland of their son on Instagram from time to time


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