5 Things to Look for in Your New, Favorite Men’s Cologne


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The global fragrance market is worth over 30 billion dollars. An increasing portion of that massive figure is being generated by male consumers that are slowly but surely understanding the value of finding their signature scent. If you’re new to shopping for fragrances, you may feel at a loss given the volume of scents on the market and their oftentimes exorbitant price points. Fortunately, a fragrance doesn’t need to be expensive or exotic to earn the title of being your favorite men’s cologne.

Below, we touch on 5 qualifiers you’ll want to look at when filtering through fragrances to find the perfect one for you!

1. A Scent That Reflects You

Think of fragrances like colors. Certainly, you have colors that you feel make you look better than others. The reason why is because those colors reflect your sensibilities.

Your cologne should accomplish the same thing.

Whether you’re sporting the best Versace perfume or the cheapest perfume from Walmart, if your scent reflects your personality, you’re going to feel great wearing it.

2. Brands You Trust

Consistency matters when you’re trying to solidify your signature scent. One of the best ways to find that consistency in ascent is to go with brands that deliver it.

If you were to learn more about Versace Eros here, you’d find that the scent’s green apple, Italian lemon, and mint notes come through in every bottle. You’ll come to know that cheaper, off-brand colognes aren’t able to deliver that same stability.

3. Pricing You Can Consistently Afford

If you can afford expensive cologne, buy it. Pricey colognes are often the most concentrated and provide exceptional, durable smells. If you can’t afford expensive cologne, we recommend avoiding buying a single pricey bottle on a whim and then transitioning to something cheaper later.

Remember, a big part of experimenting with fragrances is landing on a scent that you can go to daily so people begin associating that fragrance with you. Ensuring you can continue refilling your bottles to keep up that drumbeat of consistency is key to that aim.

4. Durability

When people refer to durability in scents, they’re talking about how long a scent lasts. Fragrances fall into four categories which include Eau de Cologne, Parfum, Eau de Parfum, and Eau de Toilette.

Parfum is the most concentrated category of fragrance and has the highest durability. Eau de Cologne has the lowest concentration of fragrance.

The closer to Parfum’s ~30% fragrance concentration you can get, the more durable your scent will be.

5. Portability

Lastly, as you suss out your favorite men’s cologne, think about bottle size. Bottles that are too large won’t travel with you on planes which can be a setback.

If possible, keep your fragrance under 3.4 ounces so it never has to leave your side.

Your Favorite Men’s Cologne Is Begging to Be Discovered

It may seem dramatic to suggest that adopting a favorite men’s cologne can have a big impact on your life. Believe us when we say though that the confidence a good scent can give you can propel you towards being your best self.

We hope our tips help you stumble onto a fragrance that you’ll wonder how you ever lived without. For more tips on fashion, health, beauty, and everything in-between dive deeper into the content on our blog.


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