Is iMovie great for editing videos? Complete Details


Video is the most popular medium of content in the world currently. Right from influencers to major multinational companies, all are using videos as a medium to promote and market products and services on different platforms like YouTube, Instagram, and Snapchat. The immense popularity that video content enjoys across the globe has increased the demand for video editing software. After shooting or recording a video, most creatives use editing software to tweak the content of the video and make it look more appealing. According to PCMag, there are numerous video editors readily available in the market, which users can choose from as per their requirements.

One of the most popular names for video editors among Mac users is iMovie. It is a useful video editing application that is an integral part of Apple’s native lineup of applications. The application has been around for decades, and tons of creative professionals use it to edit videos and share them across numerous platforms. The best part about the application is that it is free to use, and hence any Mac user who wishes to tweak a video and enhance its appeal can use the inbuilt application without issues. This article will shed light on the various features that iMovie features and capabilities and whether iMovie is a good tool for editing videos or not. Let us get started:

iMovie Features:

Since it is a part of Apple’s ecosystem, the app works exceptionally well on Macs and offers numerous top-tier features which make editing and sharing videos hassle-free. Here are some of the most prominent features of iMovie:

  • Its set of creative tools facilitates users to cut audio and video clips with ease. For instance, if you wish to cut a specific part out of your video or wish to remove audio from a particular segment, you can do it without hassle on iMovie. These features offer users a seamless experience while editing videos.
  • One of the most effective ways to enhance a video’s appeal and make it look more professional is to adjust its frame by cropping it. iMovie offers users the perfect feature to crop the video’s frame and make it look more impactful and professional. The “crop-to-fill” feature facilitates users to adjust the image to fit in the standard video window.
  • MP4 is the most commonly-used video format that most video editors prefer. iMovie allows users to conveniently export their video to MP4 using native capabilities following a few simple steps. If you wish to export your video to MP4, you need to start by locating the video file in the app’s library. Once you have located it, click on the “Share” button. Then, click on the “Export File” option and select the format. Now, click on “Next” and enter the file name and location where you wish to save the file. Besides this, you can also import videos, convert your videos into MOV using third-party tools, etc. To learn more, click
  • The latest iMovie version also features support for keyboard shortcuts. Hence, you can enhance your video editing workflow in iMovie by implementing keyboard shortcuts to perform specific tasks quickly and efficiently. For instance, you can move to the next frame, jump forward or backwards, mark the beginning or end points, etc.
  • The new Green-screen controls featured in iMovie facilitate users to adjust the effects added to a video. Even though green-screen controls have been a part of iMovie’s set of features for a long time, the latest version features numerous upgrades that make the options even more useful.
  • The new Timeline feature in the new iMovie version further adds to the brilliance of the native video editor of Apple. The Timeline functionality offers tons of useful features such as a color balancing slider, sound adjuster, etc.

Is iMovie a Good Tool for Editing Videos?

The latest version of iMovie packs in numerous upgrades, including features like people detection, additional sharing options, an easy-to-use trimmer, etc. Hence, it can be deemed a good application that Mac users can use to edit their videos.

On the other hand, numerous tools are readily available in the market that feature tons of advanced video editing tools that facilitate users to create professional-looking videos and movies with ease. However, most of these applications are paid, and thus, it all comes down to what you require.

For instance, if you are searching for a free application that works seamlessly on Mac and offers all the basic and necessary video editing features a user could require for tweaking a video, iMovie is a great application you can consider. However, if you are looking for professional video editing software that provides advanced editing features, it may be best to opt for another suitable video-editing application over iMovie.

If you are considering using iMovie for editing videos on your Mac, refer to the guide to know all about the app’s features and whether it is a good fit for your editing needs or not.


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