The Top 3 Myths About VHS to Digital Conversion Debunked


If you have old VHS tapes of home videos, family gatherings, old movies, or cherished memories that you want to preserve forever and make available for viewing anytime, then it’s important to know more about the process of converting old VHS tapes into digital formats. 

In this article, we’ll debunk the three most common myths about old VHS-to-digital conversion.

What Is a VHS-to-Digital Conversion?

VHS (or Video Home System) is the old analog recording format used in the 1980s and 1990s to record old home videos, old movies, or any other footage that you wanted to keep for years. 

With the introduction of digital formats such as DVD, BluRay, and streaming services, old VHS tapes are no longer compatible with modern technology. 

This is where VHS-to-Digital conversion comes in — a process that converts analog video from old VHS tapes into digital formats or modern media such as DVDs and BluRay discs, USB flash drives, and digital files.

Myth #1: VHS-to-Digital Conversion Is Too Expensive 

Many people think that old VHS-to-digital conversion is too expensive, but this isn’t necessarily the case. The typical cost of converting a VHS tape to a digital format is around $14.50 for the first two hours of each tape you want to digitize. 

However, the cost can vary depending on a few factors. For instance, the number of tapes to be converted, desired output format (DVD, BluRay, digital file), and other specifics such as editing old footage or adding transitions between clips can all affect the total cost.

Myth #2: It’s Not Worth the Effort to Convert Old VHS Tapes 

When it comes to old VHS tapes, you don’t want them to just get lost in time — they contain priceless memories that need to be preserved and cherished. This is why VHS-to-digital conversion can be worth the effort and price.

Digitizing old VHS tapes ensures that the old footage will be preserved for years to come, which can be especially important when it comes to old home videos or family gatherings. 

Not only does converting old VHS tapes into digital formats make them easier to store, but it also makes them more accessible and easier to share with friends and family.

Myth #3: VHS-to-Digital Conversion Is Too Complicated

Some people think that VHS-to-digital conversion is too complicated, but this isn’t necessarily true. Converting old VHS tapes to digital formats can never be too complicated if you seek professional assistance. 

Capture’s video digitization services, for example, make VHS-to-digital conversion easy, safe, and worry-free. They can transfer old VHS tapes to high-quality digital formats of your choice (DVDs, BluRay discs, USB flash drives, and digital files).

Capture’s team of experts is knowledgeable and experienced, and they are equipped with the proper tools, technology, and techniques to ensure that your old tapes are digitized according to the highest quality and professional standards.

In Conclusion

VHS-to-digital conversion can be an important part of preserving old VHS tapes filled with old home videos, family gatherings, and cherished memories. 

Despite some common misconceptions about the process, VHS-to-digital conversion doesn’t have to be too expensive or too complicated if you choose a reliable digitization provider like Capture. With Capture’s video digitization services, conversion is safe, worry-free, and high quality. 


If you have VHS tapes that contain priceless glimpses of times long-gone, you can ensure that your legacy and these moments continue to live through the course of time by having them digitized. 

So start preserving old memories today and take advantage of VHS-to-digital conversion services!


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