Last Fantasy XIV Will Get ff14 New Game Plus, How It Works

ff14 New Game Plus

Various enormous increments and changes have been point by point for fix 5.1 ff14 New Game Plus in by means of the most recent Letter from the Producer Live. This incorporates the Nier Automata partnership strike, the Grand Cosmos prison, and a lot of class/work changes.

While you can get our breakdown of some of those new components in the impending 5.1 update, we’ll clarify one specifically here: the ff14 New Game Plus + framework.

It has been discussed for some time, and ff14 New Game Plus+ will get its first emphasis in the following patch. You’ll have the option to replay story missions from every one of the three developments: Heavensward, Stormblood, and Shadowbringers. Try not to stress over overwriting or resetting the work you’ve done; you’ll keep up with your person’s general story and occupation progress. Note that you won’t get EXP, Gil, or the thing prizes throughff14 New Game Plus + missions. Maybe, it’s a framework for which you can encounter the story once more.

Both Heavensward and Stormblood missions will be isolated into four sections – we’re not completely clear which precise journey or story beat each part begins. In any case, we realize that Parts 1 and 2 cover the principle extension story while Parts 3 and 4 cover the post-discharge missions.


Then again is separated into two sections, which bodes well since it’s the most recent development with post-discharge journeys carrying out right now. You will not have the option to uninhibitedly hop between missions as every section should be played from their start, and you’ll have one auto-save space for yourff14 New Game Plus+ venture.

It’s an eager framework for the MMORPG there’s even more for ff14 New Game Plus+ later on. It isn’t yet joining a single thing from the base game, A Realm Reborn, however, that is in progress. Taking into account that the group is as of now tweaking A Realm Reborn to consolidate its questline, cut out some filler, and make it a superior encounter for new players, we might need to sit tight for the redo before it gets joined to the New Game+ framework.

Manager’s note: We made a revision concerning how the framework functions. We initially expressed that you would acquire EXP in ff14 New Game Plus + journeys when truth be told you will not.

Last Fantasy 14: How Does ff14 New Game Plus Work?

ff14 New Game Plus allows you to replay your number one parts in Final Fantasy XIV, however, how might you open and utilize this mode? This aide discloses to you how.

With Final Fantasy 14 being a long game with many long periods of content, the ff14 New Game Plus include was a welcome expansion to the game. This element permits you to replay and yet again experience certain questlines that you might have neglected. This is particularly helpful in case you’ve been playing the game for quite a long time.

The most effective method to Access ff14 New Game Plus

To open ff14 New Game Plus, you should initially finish The Ultimate Weapon, which is a level 50 principle situation journey that includes The Praetorium. When that is finished, basically address Wistful Whitebeard in Western Thanalan (X:12, Y:14) to open the element.

The ff14 New Game Plus + choice can be found in the Duty Menu of the game. It will raise a menu that will show you what New Game Plus sections you have accessible to you. You may have the option to choose a section once you have completely finished it regularly.

Choosing a section and starting it will place you into New Game Plus mode.

How New Game Plus Works

At the point when you are in New Game Plus mode, your journey list is supplanted with a New Game Plus guide. This will stop for a minute your next mission in your right now chose section is called, and tapping on its name will show you the area of the current journey target.

At the point when you are done with New Game Plus, you can tap the interjection point close to the manual to suspend your advancement.

There are sure things that you should remember when playing New Game Plus:

I may just play each part in turn.

You can’t suspend New Game Plus during cutscenes, examples, cutscenes, and so forth

I can’t advance or finish any missions that are not a piece of the present chosen part.

You won’t get any mission rewards.

What Can You Replay With New Game Plus?

There are right now eight classifications of parts accessible for use with New Game Plus. Every one of these classifications is separated into additional classes to all the more likely assist you with picking which journeys you need to replay.

For all sections separated from some in the Main Scenario classification, you should essentially finish the last journey in the part to open it for New Game Plus mode.

Last Fantasy XIV: Shadowbringers – How to Unlock New Game+

Did you realize Final Fantasy XIV is adding a New Game+ mode? That’s right, you can off-limits back and replay old extension content without beginning as far as possible once again with another person. This is the manner by which you open it.

New Game+ can be opened when you complete Heavensward.

This isn’t the entire Heavensward extension including patches, as you may have guessed: quite recently the fundamental situation journey Heavensward, which capstones the development’s dispatch story. When you complete that you can go to western Thanalan, outside the Waking Sands, and converse with the thoughtful whitebeard.

As you complete certain journeys in-game you’ll open extra sections, going right from Heavensward to Shadowbringers. Presently, the principle situations are separated as consequently:











Shadowbringers – Part 1

Shadowbringers – Part 2

Basically, parts 1 and 2 are simply the principle situation of the extensions, and parts 3 and 4 are the subsequent fundamental situation missions found inside the patches that came after. There are several constraints to New Game+ as of now, in any case.

A Realm Reborn’s principle situation can’t be rehashed (because of it being revamped altogether for a future fix); classwork and job journeys are off the table; Chronicles of a New Era (assault) missions are excluded, and side missions can’t be revamped. These will be included in future updates, as per the fix notes.

Getting to New Game+ is basic

When opened simply open the Duty menu and select New Game+. A menu of the relative multitude of replayable sections you’ve opened will be shown, and you can hop into them from anyplace that isn’t a case obligation. Rehashing this will permit you to suspend New Game+ also, and return to the primary game.

There are a few limitations while playing New Game+: you can enroll for uncompleted obligations just in case that is identified with missions in progress in New Game+, you can line for standard obligations and your advancement will be suspended the latest relevant point of interest, you can’t collaborate with the market board or retainers, and you can’t get to the Unending Journey.

That is the manner by which to open New Game+ in Final Fantasy XIV.ff14 new game plus Return and partake in that sweet, sweet wistfulness. Then again, actually one scene in Heavensward… you know the one. Possibly skirt that except if you appreciate having your heartbroken once more.



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