Who is Michel Stern? What should we know about him?

Michel Stern is a French American advertising executive and a businessman. He is married to the famous American actress Lisa Kudrow. Michel is most popular and known by his wife because he avoids attending any social events except for Hollywood events he attends with his wife. The couple has been together for two decades.

Michel Stern’s Profile:

Name: Michel Stern

Place of Birth: France 

Date of Birth: 1958

Age: 63 as per of 2021

Occupation: Advertisement executive and Businessman 

Relationship Status: Married

 Nationality: French/American

Michel’s Background:

Michel Stern is a French man, born in 1958 however; his exact date of birth is not known. He spent his early life in France and then moved to America to pursue his career and dream as a businessman. There are no details about his parents and siblings as he does not like to share his personal life on social media. He lives in America for more than three decades and now it is a belief that he also holds American nationality. He is a mystery man that nobody knows about him much these tits bits fell from Lisa Kudrow’s crumbs.

What does Michel stern do and his career?

Michel stern works as an advertising executive and businessman. There is no news about when he kicked his career but he is undoubtedly successful in his marketing executive career. There is no doubt that Stern made his name in his way in the world of business, but still, he is best known for being the husband of Lisa Kudrow.

Who is Lisa Kudrow?

Lisa Kudrow is a renowned American actress, comedian, writer, and producer. She was born in 1963 in California. Her father was a physician of headaches and her mother worked as a travel agent. She worked in more than 80 movies and TV shows. Lisa became popular for her character of “Phoebe Buffay” played infamous TV show F.R.I.E.N.D.S. She nagged Emmy’s award for the “Outstanding Supporting Actress in the comedy series. Lisa is extremely successful in her career. Before starting her career as an actress She used to work as a physician at her dad’s office. 

Relationship with Lisa Kudrow:

Michel and Lisa are one of those couples in Hollywood who has been together for two decades and living their married life without any controversy and rumors. The couple celebrated their silver jubilee. Their love story begins like every story and has a wonderful beginning. Before Lisa, Michel was dating her friend and roommate, in this course, he met Lisa and therefore unavailable at the moment. Lisa, who was extremely polite, liked Michel. 

Michel saw Lisa the first time when he went to her apartment to pick up her friend for a date. They dated each other for a few weeks like 2 months and a half. When he first met he said ‘Hi’ to Kudrow and she was smitten. 

Lisa told Dailymail about how she and Michel’s love story began. She said:

I was living with a French girl, and he had just moved here, and they were dating when we first met. But I’m freakishly polite, so I saw him and went, Well, he’s the perfect man, and it’s all ruined because now they’re together and I can’t (make a play for him). I thought that that’s not nice to flirt. But the minute I saw him, I went, Well, that’s it, there he is. When he’d come to pick her up, he’d say, “Oh, hello Lisa,” and I’d say, “Hi,” and I’d go and leave the room, and he thought I was a freak. 

Eventually, Lisa’s friend and Michel broke up. She thought she would never meet him again but after a long wait of six years, Lisa and Michel met at the birthday party of a mutual friend. They reconnected after it and then never stop.

Wedding bells with Lisa Kudrow:

After being in a relationship for more than five years the couple decided to get married. The lovebirds tied the knot on May 27, 1995. Michel and Lisa’s wedding took place after the first season Lisa began starring in the hit TV show Friends. Their wedding held in Malibu, California in front of close family members and friends. Lisa’s companions from TV show friends, Mathew Parry, Jenifer Aniston, and Matt LeBlanc also showed up at the wedding. 

The couple spends 25 years of togetherness and becomes one of the longest-term married couples in Hollywood. 

Michel’s Son; Julian Murray Stern  

Michel and Lisa blessed with a son Julian, born on May 7, 1998. He is the only son of the couple. His wife Lisa became pregnant when the fourth season of the sitcom friends was shooting so the writers decided to portray her pregnancy in the script. She was shown as the surrogate mother of her brother Frank and his wife Alice, while she was pregnant in real life with Julian. In the series, she gave birth to triplets.

Julian has grown up and now he is in his early 20’s. He has the life of a prince because of the wealth of his mother and father. Julian’s parents keep him away from Paparazzi. Therefore, it is nothing much known about him. As per Lisa, Julian is a big thinker but it is not clear that what he wants to be in the future, whether he goes for entertainment or debut his career in the business world his parents will be there to support him.

Social Media:

Michel is not on any kind of social media platform, he is so private with his life also he does not attend any event except for the Hollywood parties with his wife. However, his wife is on social media both on Twitter and Instagram and also posts comedic content about her life and work. She has a fan following on Instagram over 7.4 million and on Twitter, she has been followed by 1.2 million of her fans.

Net Worth of Michel Stern:

The advertisement executive and businessman net worth estimated is somehow above $1.1 million, although his wife Lisa has a net worth of above $90 million.

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